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Our experienced recruiting professionals at ACG work hard to align candidates with ideal employment opportunities. We help you go beyond the job listings and staffing agencies to find the management and executive leadership positions that will ultimately improve and advance your career. We fill a variety of highly skilled business positions on a short-term or contract to hire basis. As with our permanent placement services, our temporary recruitment practice focuses on professional staffing for roles ranging from management to senior level. Our goal at ACG is to satisfy your career objectives through strategic placement in the right company in a position that best matches your skills and experience to help you succeed and grow.

If you are a job seeker looking for a consulting company that will highlight your strengths and experience, while meeting your employment goals, then look no further – ACG is the solution for you. Whether you are seeking short-term or long-term opportunities, full-time or part-time hours, we can help you find the perfect position.

Our process includes a detailed interview to find out about you, your skills, and your goals for your next position. This helps us match you with the most fitting opportunities.

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What to expect:

  • ACG’s team of recruiters will contact you and review your career goals and objectives.
  • You will be assigned a recruiter who will go over your resume and refer you to open positions with their clients and/or market your credentials to a number of employers who utilize your skill set.
  • Once you are placed with one of our clients, we will stay with you every step of the way to ensure it is a good fit.
  • We will stay in touch with your employer as well to ensure they are equally satisfied with the match.
  • If there are any concerns with either party, we will work to ensure a positive outcome for all.

The Resume

Accuracy is Key

Know the exact place and time of your interview and who you should ask for when you arrive. Plan your route and, whenever possible, leave additional time to get there.

Eliminate the Guess Work

Be as precise with your dates and titles as you can. Especially for jobs of less than one year, your start and end dates should include the month as well as the year.

Showcase your Skills

Are you a master of pivot tables? Write HTML code with your eyes closed? Speak fluent Mandarin? Include a skills section and tell us about your technical proficiencies and language skills.

The Interview

Leave Nothing to Chance

Know the exact place and time of your interview and who you should ask for when you arrive. Plan your route and, whenever possible, leave additional time to get there.

Know Your Resume

Anything on your resume is fair game for discussion, so remind yourself of the programs you used, the projects you worked on, and the names of your supervisors (but leave their contact info off of your resume).

Be Brief, but not too Brief

Giving only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers won’t help your interviewer get a good sense of who you are and what you bring to the table but sharing your whole life story isn’t the best way to go either. Adequate preparation beforehand will help you to give thoughtful answers and anecdotes for even the most unusual questions.

Stay Positive

If you speak badly about a former employer, who’s to say you wouldn’t do the same down the line with this new company? An interview is not the right place to air grievances.

End on a Strong Note

Express your sincere interest in the position and inquire about the next step. Follow up is key, so be sure to write a concise thank you letter that your Armstrong Recruiter can send along to your interviewer(s).

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